Anavar: Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Anavar is an anabolic steroid and it has medicinal purposes and it is used among many bodybuilders. There are benefits and side effects of using the steroid. This guide will provide you with more information about Anavar and tell you about a legal supplement you can use to get the same results you would get with Anavar.

Medicinal Benefits

There are medicinal benefits that Anavar UK offers. This is why doctors prescribe it to patients that are dealing with certain conditions. The medicine is sometimes given to those suffering with protein synthesis disorders, as well as those who have osteoporosis. It is used to treat extensive burns, trauma and muscular dystrophy.

Bodybuilding Benefits

Anavar is usually taken by bodybuilders because it increases their strength levels, helps them burn fat and improve endurance. All of these things can help them become contest-ready. The steroid can be used alone or as part of a cutting cycle. Some athletes take it because it improves athletic performance.


An Anavar cycle ranges from 6-12 weeks and it can be stacked with various steroids. This includes Masteron and Winstrol. Just keep in mind that there are side effects that it can cause, and they will be discussed below.

Side Effects

Anavar usage comes with consequences. For starters, it can cause diarrhea and make you feel sick. It can cause acne, your voice to deepen and you could end up experiencing hair growth in places you’ve never experienced it before. Changes in your blood count, pain in your bones and damage to your liver are all possible side effects.

Finding Anavar For Sale

Unfortunately, Anavar is illegal without a prescription. The chances of finding the real thing for sale are slim. However, there are supplements that are legal and designed to stimulate Anavar’s effects. You’re better off using those supplements instead of the real thing.

The Best Legal Alternative

Anvarol is the best legal alternative. It is sold by Crazy Bulk. The supplement is ideal for cutting, strength gains and energy. If you want to get ripped, have more energy and become stronger, then Anvarol is for you. It is safer than Anavar and it requires no needles, no prescription and you can stack it with other legal supplements.

we understand you want to get ripped and you are probably more than willing to buy Anavar pills. Instead of doing that, just buy Anvarol. As soon as you start using it, you will be impressed.