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The Strange Story Behind Trenbolone

Trenbolone is without a doubt one of the strongest anabolic steroid hormones on the market. It is also the most talked about because of its amazing results. It has an interesting history as well.

Trenbolone was developed for the livestock trade. That is unusual in itself. It was used on cattle to make them leaner, and make them burn more of their food as energy and turn it into muscle instead of fat. That is right, it was developed to make an animal leaner with less fat, and more energetic. Well guess what? That is what a body builder wants. They want something that will produce muscle mass and produce energy with less fat.

The livestock trade changed from injectionable Trenbolone UK to pellets that were placed under the skin of livestock. As of today, most of the beef and pork produced in the United States have Trenbolone implants. A lot of people say this is wrong, it is going to poison people, and all that. Guess what? Cooking destroys any aftermath of Trenbolone. Besides, the metabolism of the cattle uses the Trenbolone. There is not one drop of any steroid in commercial meat. That is a fairy tale.

Body builders who could buy Trenbolone pills took the pellets and ground them up and added sterile water, making their own injectionable steroid. Then, underground laboratories began producing it in enough quantities to bring the price down. And now, it is pretty much an open market, though one has to be careful what one is getting when they find Trenbolone for sale. It just might have been produced in someone’s home bath tub, for all we know.

Trenbolone is used for bulking stacks mostly. This steroid’s use in the body produces an insulin-based hormone that is extremely anabolic, causing massive growth of muscle. It is likely the anabolic steroid of choice for bulking by body builders.

It is truly an amazing, useful steroid. However, it has its drawback and side effects as well. Strangely, though Trenbolone is not estrogenic in nature, it does produce the characteristics of an estrogen producing steroid. Gynecomastia (growth of female breasts) might be a small problem, but this effect will disappear with cessation of the steroid use. Accelerated hair loss on the head and growth of body hair is another side effect that will disappear when the steroid is no longer taken.

And, the liver is a problem. This can be taken care of by disallowing any over the counter medications, fatty foods, or alcohol, as with all steroid hormones. Never overdose on steroids. Be safe.